Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spinning Girl : Which way is she turning?

WHAT DO YOU SEE below? Let me know in the comment section.

If you see the girl turning clockwise:

You are a RIGHT BRAIN thinker, which apparently means you are a creative thinker, you enjoy the arts, you like the thrill of working on new ideas and enjoy philosophical thinking.

If you see the girl turning anticlockwise:

You are a LEFT BRAIN thinker: which means you are a logical thinker, you enjoy rummaging through concepts for specifics, you enjoy mathematical concepts, science and are very pragmatic.

If you see the girl turning both ways:

You are a genius, (or telling fibs to impress your family and friends)

If you don’t see the girl turning at all:

You are probably brain dead or your computer needs fixed :P.



  1. aisey, aku nampak dier turning both ways :P

  2. hahahaha~

    gud sharing for the new day bro..

  3. i can see the girl turning both ways hahahhaa....

  4. ni kira semua ni... genius la ni.. huhuuh bagusss


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