Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hiking at Broga Hill @ Semenyih

Lately Broga Hill is getting very famous as the destination spot for novice hikers and avid nature photographers. Located near to Nottingham University Semenyih, Broga Hill is about 30 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur city center. Broga Hill also known as Bukit Lalang, is a great place for hiking and scenic spot for photography.

Personally, I felt the best route and most memorable way to go there is through the SILK (SKVE) Highway.

I’d hope the map would be sufficient and clear enough to get you there without much trouble.

The starting point for hiking is the palm oil estate which is directly opposite the Rabbit farm. If you happen to go during weekend or public holiday, you may find many cars parked along the roadside.

From the palm oil estate, just follow the trail that leads up to the peak. It takes roughly 30-45 mins (depending on your physical fitness) to reach the first peak.

There are roughly three peaks around Broga Hills. However, all the peaks are located quite near to each other.

If you are interested to hike Broga Hill, here a list of stuff to prepare:

1. Torchlight – if you plan to hike early in the morning in order to catch sunrise at the peak
2. Insect repellent – to protect yourself from mosquitoes, which is quite a nuisance
3. Camera – to capture the beauty of Broga Hills
4. Small towel
5. Extra T-shirt
6. Water/Isotonic Drink
7. Snacks
8. Enough Sleep – especially if you are not the type that wakes up early in the morning

As for us, overall it was a great experience

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  1. yes~~

    broga is one of the best place for photography ;)

  2. wowww~ nice view..
    but i'm wondering larat plak u panjat ehh..

    Lg satu...
    kene ke add FB tu kalu nk tgk gmbo..

  3. awww osmee :) nk pegi jugakkkkkkk

  4. Nnt BeMie Organize Sekali Lagi Tuk Follower BeMie.. Hehehe Utk Update Event Yg BeMie Wat Add Fb BeMie

  5. hoho best gile!!!!! teringinye nk g

  6. salam..

    Really nice seyh!! wahwah.. cm nk wat umah ats tuh!! hakhak=P

  7. Muda-muda dulu memang suka kembara ni. Dah lama tak masuk hutan ni..... rindu plak.

  8. wah..nice place..boley pegi nie..tak la jauh sngat dari umah..=)

  9. wahh...rajin la..
    asal xajak sekali??
    nk jugak berdating kat atas tu..

  10. ijau pule kaler rumputnye...

  11. mau dtg jugk nnti sini :-d


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