Friday, February 12, 2010

Five Fingers Shoe

FiveFingers shoes. As an owner of Nike Air Rifts (that just have the big toe separated), I find these oddly appealing, yet disgustingly disgusting looking. I just hope none of my winter gloves catch sight of these things, because they'll fight them for being copycats. They sell for between $70-$100 and are allegedly great for all sorts of make believe sports like ChiRunning,Pose Method Running, and Bouldering



  1. hahhahahahahha....macam kaki monyet dah..geli ahh..

  2. If you're intrigued by them, I think you should go ahead and do yourself a favor and pick up a pair.

    For that matter, if you need some guidance on navigating the complex waters of VFFs, I'd encourage you to check out my beginner's guide to five fingers -- it's a pdf doc (after the jump) that details the standard models, user stories/photos, sizing, and a bit of background.

    Good luck --

  3. heee3x..

    dah mcam big foot!~


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