Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Robot Fish

Masamichi Hayashi, a marine ecologist and educator, has created a few life-like robotic fish from various recycled items. The toy fish have been produced from all kinds of recycled objects including raincoats, used tires, plastic bottles and windscreen wipers.

Masamichi Hayashi's great knowledge in both robotics and sea animals has helped him create a realistic set of robot fish. The robots fish closely imitate the swimming styles of the species from which they are modelled.

Source: Telegraph



  1. uhhhhhh cantiknye..
    mahal tk ni~

    nk dua..(one for him..and one for me)

  2. sy nk 3...
    one for him...one for him...and one for him again. hehe....

  3. bemie nak lapan 8... one for me, one for me... adehh...malasnya nak taip... ulang lagi 6 kali ayat tu (one for me).. heheheh


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